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The Birthing Stage

Are you ready? Well get prepare to meet our new robot and come join us at the Austin Metro League Meet #1 !!! Here goes some of our students building our very first robot for this year. Exciting!

Date: November 11 (Friday)
Location: Four Points Middle School
9700 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78750

And we will update you on the time.



Welcome back to a new year of another robotics competition. Here goes partial of the new team for this year. Stay tuned while we build our new robot to compete in the Velocity Vortex!

Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter

The team members have learned to use a new tool that is available to us. We had fun learning and loved the experience of using this tool that is becoming very useful to us.

Gatorade Masters


You ever need someone to make you Gatorade call on our professionals here in Team 4271. They know exactly what they are doing. They spend time making Gatorade for the other team members for they love their other team members and are willing to help out even in the most simplest ways.

Work Work Work


We’ve been working hard these past three weeks. We have our base done and bumper done. Our arm is still in process of being fully functional. We have been working  hard on it but we need to make a few changes so that it will be ready for competition. The arms are still prototypes so that the changes that need to be made can be made before we make the final product. So that way the arm will have all of its flaws taken care of.  We’ve also built a sacle model mock up of the pyramid so that we can use to try out our arm on to see how well it works and what needs to be changed.

The shooter is making great progress; we are waiting for some parts to come in so that it can be finished. But soon we will have it built and ready.

Our business team has been getting together whenever possible or calling and texting to know about the progress on the Chairman’s Award and the Business Plan. We have made a due date for the rough draft so that we know what we have so we can edit and what we need to work on. The more eyes we get on it the better it will be. We take everyone’s criticism so that what one person misses someone else sees.

Everyone has been working hard and diligently to get everything done. Keep up the good work team!

Education First


Besides building the robot and working out the kinks in our design the team also makes sure that they are passing their classes. They make sure that they go to tutoring when they need it and tutors are also brought to them if they don’t have the access to them during their free hours.

The team members make sure that their grades are always passing no matter what. Even though they love what they are doing on the team they put education first. They know that education is important no matter what. Education keeps the world spinning in the sense that if they get the education they need they will be able to accomplish there goals to work in engineering, business or marketing.

Show and Tell



Show and tell anyone? Today we had the two teams that where building their arm ideas show the whole robotics team what they’re ideas were and they also showed us their mock ups for their particular idea. After their ideas were presented the team members raised up their questions and concerns. The questions and concerns were address and those that couldn’t were things that the presenters took to heart to ponder and be able to answer the next time the question or concern was brought up.

The shooter team then presented their idea and questions and concerns were also raised. They were answered or taken to ponder.

The business team presented the requirements for the team members to be able to go to competition. The requirements include passing all classes for the 4th six weeks, 90 percent attendance for sub team meetings, and 2 unexcused absences throughout the year up to competition.

The two arm teams then met in a group together to see in more detail how their arm idea will actually work in and in what ways they could put their ideas together to make one arm or just take one of the arms and perfect that idea. They decided on perfecting their mock up and trying then on a model pyramid to see which idea is worth pursuing to the end.

On the other hand the team working on the shooter also met and pursued the questions that were brought up and not answered and answered it to themselves to then improve their idea. They worked diligently and felt like their time spent in this meeting was insightful and of very good use to them.

All in all everyone is proud of the work that was done today. We maxed out on today’s energy levels and creativity. And tomorrow is a new day to come in with our full batteries and max them out in benefit of what we all are passionate about.

Working Hard


Everyone is working today. We are putting our business plan together and picking Howard’s brain to get the information. We are also planning out what we are going to write for Chairman’s Award.

Our robotics engineers are still building prototypes or perfecting their own prototypes before our final idea can be built. It is their way of giving their input in a way that everyone can understand.

After testing a few prototypes we found the one that might actually be the one that we are going to use for competition. It shoots pretty well but we still need to change a few details so that it works exactly like we want it to. Building all these prototypes has helped our team to see what works and what doesn’t. These prototypes show exactly what is going wrong with the design and what works so that we can keep persuing it in future designs.



 Building prototypes are essential to getting our ideas out. So we can see exactly where we go wrong and see what is done right to be able to use those things in later ideas. We are prototyping a few ideas for shooters and arms just to make sure that they are going to work. By doing this we are making sure that we are confident on what we aew building before we put it on the robot. Also by building these prototypes we are learning about a few things that we know are necessary to have when thinking about our final design and we can also see what parts of the ideas are good so that when coming up with a new idea we can incorporate them. Of course,we might sometimes feel like the world is going to fall apart but we most definetly will never give  up. If one idea doesn’t work as planned we see what we did wrong so we don’t make the same emistake again.

Busy Bees


Busy, busy, busy. Everyone is so busy. Everyone is working hard to get done what they are working on. We have our team for business doing there thing and we have our engineering team doing what they do best. Even if we do have two separate teams they work together to get everything done. Everyone is shuffling left and right doing everything they can. We are all putting in long hours when we get really excited about what we are working on and will not leave until we have it done. Even though we put in long hours we enjoy what we are doing because we are engineers and we love what we do no matter how hard or how long the hours are.